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“One of the great pleasures in life is learning and NLC provides a wonderful facility for doing that right here with provocative speakers, informative lectures, and stimulating seminars.”

Rod Anderson

NLC is a registered non-profit charitable organization. Donations are always appreciated and help us present the best programs with the best of speakers.

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Past programs include Making Sense of Now, Beyond a Yardstick; The Future of The Past - Archaeology Today; The Great Lakes - Sea Within; India, The World’s Next Superpower; The DNA of Modern China; The Mysteries of Memory; The Complexities of Democracy; The Science of Ice; The Uses of Colour and Design; The World of Islam; and other broad-ranging topics.


During this 11th anniversary NLC program, we will explore frontiers in genetics. Experts will talk about personalized medicine, GMO foods, evolutionary genetics, and new learning about brain diseases. Together we will tackle the big questions:  Is it safe to tamper with genes? Should scientists “play God”? And who owns your genetic information anyway?

Advances in genetics attract controversy. Darwin’s theory of natural selection was attacked for the questions it raised about the origins of man.  Today, stunning breakthroughs in genetics promise to cure disease and feed the world. They also introduce ethical dilemmas and questions of security.

NLC’s 2016 spring series is entitled

Frontiers in Genetics

It begins March 31

Northumberland Learning Connection, based in Cobourg and Port Hope, offers a chance to broaden your knowledge and exchange ideas in a local setting.

Each spring and fall, we hold a weekly series of lectures and seminars. We bring the experts, often world-renowned, and you bring your curiosity. The topics are varied but always compelling, drawing from science, the arts, history and the humanities.