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“One of the great pleasures in life is learning and NLC provides a wonderful facility for doing that right here with provocative speakers, informative lectures, and stimulating seminars.”

Rod Anderson

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Northumberland Learning Connection, based in Cobourg and Port Hope, Ontario, offers a chance to broaden your knowledge and exchange ideas in a local setting.

Each spring and fall, we hold a weekly series of talks and discussions. We bring the experts, often world-renowned, and you bring your curiosity. The topics are varied but always compelling, drawing from science, the arts, history and the humanities.  Click here to join our mailing list and be kept up-to-date on upcoming events and important news.

Past NLC programs include Russia, Canada’s Arctic, Exploring Islam, Frontiers in Genetics, Making Sense of Now, Beyond a Yardstick; The Future of The Past - Archaeology Today; The Great Lakes - Sea Within; India, The World’s Next Superpower; The DNA of Modern China; The Mysteries of Memory; The Complexities of Democracy; The Science of Ice; The Uses of Colour and Design; and other broad-ranging topics.

Rivers: Currents of Change

“A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes

The rivers of the world are old geography. They have given rise to rich mythologies and are the highways of history. They have floated canoes, paddle wheelers, barges and steamboats between mountains, across prairies and between cities. We have built bridges over them, disgorged our waste into them, dammed them and done our best to change rivers, at our peril.

Rivers are our past and our future - how much have we mortgaged that future?

Five talks and discussions on the Mekong and the dams that are threatening millions of south east Asians; the Thames and the development of a sewage system; the recognition of indigenous understanding of our own Saskatchewan river; the spiritual meaning of the Ganges; the unravelling mystery of the Amazon and the political conflict that has ebbed and flowed with the Jordan river.

Plus - a series of special events that present river songs, river literature, the work of visual artists in the far north and invite our audience on a guided walk up our own Ganaraska River.

Join us for Rivers: Currents of Change

“Travel a thousand miles by train and you are a brute; pedal five hundred on a bicycle and you remain basically a bourgeois; paddle a hundred in a canoe and you are already a child of nature.” - Pierre Elliott Trudeau

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